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About Us

‘Beauty begins the moment when you decided to be yourself.’

About Us

创立这个品牌其实是个人兴趣, 因為不時也会有人询问店主的穿搭,于是,抱着「滿足每個女孩心中的時尚靈魂;把最日常的搭配带进你生活里」的理想,創立了 V | Signature 这个品牌。
V | Signature 所带给大家的单品都是以质量为宗旨,百搭为特色;单品都是有店主亲自选料,赛选厂家生产,并且坚持实拍所有单品,就是为了把最真实的穿搭分享给大家。所以在把最好的呈現給大家之前,都经过我们精心选择推荐的,务必把最好的带给所有女神们。

V | Signature is born with the aim to create minimalist brand and of sharing our love for fashion. It all started when we decided to embark on a quest to create a perfectly coveted wardrobe by offering an eclectic range of clothing sourced globally.
We believe that “Less is More”, we aim to provide all girls a variety of 'Simple', 'Matchy' and 'Quality' fashion items to all VS Muse.

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